NASA Shuttle Magnet on Wood with 2.44 x 4.58 Base

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Introducing the captivating "NASA Shuttle Magnet on Wood with 2.44" x 4.58" Base"! This exquisite piece features a sleek BASE size of 2.44" x 4.58", making it an ideal addition to any space enthusiast's collection. Key Features: - Premium Quality: Crafted from top-notch materials, ensuring durability and longevity. - Space-Saving Design: The compact size of the BASE 2.44" x 4.58" makes it a versatile and convenient decor piece. - Magnetic Functionality: Easily attach the NASA Shuttle Magnet to any magnetic surface for a touch of cosmic charm. - Stylish Wood Base: The elegant wood base adds a sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetic. Whether you're a NASA enthusiast or simply appreciate well-crafted decor, the "NASA Shuttle Magnet on Wood with 2.44" x 4.58" Base" is sure to elevate your space with its unique charm. Don't miss out on this stellar piece – order yours today and embark on a journey through the stars!